Saturday, December 6, 2008

Growing up and doing "big girl" things

I'm going on a business trip. I know right? A BUSINESS trip. After 25 years - I've finally grown up. I also want you to note I'm renting a car for this venture - because I'm of age to do that too. 25 is the last hurtle to jump over before society finally considers you old enough (hoping you are also responsible enough) to take on such things as driving, going to "real"jail if you break the law, voting, drinking, and finally, renting a car. Maybe by the time you can rent a car all the 16 year old crazy "I'm invincible" ideas are gone, you've never really broken the law, the drinking is either non-existent or "responsible" for those who do drink, and you're politically aware enough to make educated voting choices. All very important pre-reqs to finally, FINALLY, fully enter adulthood and rent that car! Not only do I get to rent a car (which really - would've been extremely helpful in California when both my friend and I were 24 and car-less - psh), but I will drive my rent-a-car to St. George and stay in a Marriott for "business" for two days. Cool right? I mean - yes it's not Washington DC or Seattle or LA - but hey, it's a business trip for work on the company's dime. Oober cool. Oober grown up.

I should've probably saved this post for when I had pics of my hotel room to myself (a total first), of the rent-a-car (which will be better than the Ranger no matter how you look at it), and the room service I will order. Yeah - I'm going to order some room service at least ONCE! It makes the whole "I'm going on a business trip" venture really authentic - very Hollywood even. It's like when I got my business cards a couple weeks ago (yeah! I know, right? Business cards. "Why yes, here take my card and call me.") only better. Truth be told it could be better because I had the option of taking a chartered private plane down. Buuuut - those little planes scare me and honestly - I actually like driving in the car. Throw in some music I can screech out at the top of my lungs or a book on CD and I'm quite content. I even like driving in silence with my own thoughts sometimes. At any rate...

I am going on a business trip this Sunday-Tuesday to St. George, Utah. And though I still feel like I'm living a "student life of poverty" (because I am) I'm not going to let that stop me from feeling like a "big girl." Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go rent some Kung Fu Panda and order a pizza.

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heidikins said...

Look at you, all grown up and flying the coop.

Only, you're driving the coop, or driving in a coupe...or something.

I totally would have chosen the chartered flight...those little planes are AWESOME! They aren't flying garbage cans, they are like flying swanky sitting rooms with in-flight room service. Something to think about. ;o)