Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scratch the Den of Rape Idea - Turns out it's No Good.

So here's a great story. Strap in.

We are no longer to become the happy (though constantly skittish and shifty eyed) residents of the lovingly deemed "Den of Rape." PHEW! Right? Mom? EH?!??! Here's how it went down.

Sunday rolls around. Nik and I had just finished moving in most of our stuff on Saturday to The Den. What's really awesome about that is the power wasn't able to be turned back on until Monday - so we dropped of most (read 99%) of our meager belongings, had the wonderful John put together my bed, and then grabbed some of the necessary articles for sleeping and "readying" ourselves for Sunday and Monday. I had been house sitting for...er...someone from work and was used to happily being spoiled by a What Not to Wear Marathon on big screen HDTV all of Friday afternoon, followed awesomely by a few Little People, Big World episodes. Sadly - I did not catch any John and Kate Plus 8. Sigh. Also of note - I got a bit of a head cold over Thanksgiving (because if I ever get sick it's always over Holidays. Always.), thus the nice big arm chair, large TV, and yappy though lovable doggy dog, were welcome companions. If you're going to have a headcold, that's the way to do it. Point is - moving into the Den of Rape seemed even more dreary after HDTV and comfy East Bench location safety. Yup. Dismal.

Sunday morning rolls around. I hear the familiar "ding ding" of my phone indicating a text. If I were cool - I would be more excited wondering who it could be - buuuuuuut having been a loser for awhile now - knew it was either my Mom or Nikelle. It was Nikelle...and I semi-quote: "Yeah. Not feeling the Den of Rape. We shall discuss." We meet up for the churching - and discuss the Den of Rape. Nik's sister Marlo, has decided that she will also be skittish and shift eyed the entire time we are staying at the Den. She'd rather we not move there. Also - Nik is trying to save some moo-lah for a possible relocation to South Carolina in the future. She has decided that though it sucks mostly - she can handle sleeping on her sisters couch for free for awhile - in order to save money for "the big move." Honestly - I felt relieved (though slightly annoyed that I now had to move all my crap BACK to T-ville). Moving is rough, ya know? True I only have two huge suitcases and a few other little odds and ends BUT moving large items in any sense of the word - most especially two days in a row - is rough. Sigh. I need a go-to guy (read kind boyfriend of sorts) for the moving of large awkward heavy objects. Sometimes - it's not even that I'm not strong enough (again, sometimes) - it's the girth of an object that causes me issues. When it's bigger than me - it makes it MUCH more awkward. Think on it. Also think on the fact I now have a fully assembled bed to consider. Hm. At least I have a bed now. The glass is half full all over the place.

At any rate, I moved my stuff back to Taylorsville (sans bed which John let me keep in The Den for now), and am on the hunt again. It should be a little easier, however, since I am looking for my lone self. I checked out an apt in downtown SLC tonight - ironically 5 blocks from The Mansion where I used to live before moving to Provo last year - and felt really encouraged about it. Reasonable price. Fan-tas-tic location. Nice Roomies. My own little roomy room WITH a closet (read no more suitcases - praise the Lord) and a Washer and Dryer IN THE UNIT (Holla!!). So I am hopeful. Things are slowly....very very slowly...starting to come back together. And hey - the Den of Rape is out of the equation so really - it wasn't getting MUCH worse than that. Am I right? So right.

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heidikins said...

I am so voting you back into the aves....hopefully sooner rather than later!