Sunday, December 14, 2008

Me so smart...smrt...I mean smart

So, I woke up a little late for church today. It's at 9:00 - which I really like - but I stayed up late last night watching some John and Kate Plus 8 with a dash of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at a friend's house I'm house-sitting for. I love cable. Can I just say? I appreciate it so much more now that I don't have it. Mostly, I love TLC. Loves it precious.

At any rate, got up late for church. THUS, I was somewhat rushing to get ready so I wouldn't miss the sacrament. I got there just as they were finishing the opening song. I felt rather pleased with myself considering I had left AT 9:00 and had to drive slowly on the snowy roads. Snowy...slowly. Good bumper sticker. I sat through all 3 hours - a pretty decent 3 hours I might add - and then headed home to fix myself some Velveeta shells and cheese avec (with) chicken in a can (a little recipe I picked up from a friend). Mm hmm. As I put the pot on to boil, I felt the need to pull my hair back. I've been trying to grow it out, and it's in that "I freaking hate my hair and want to chop it off" stage. Just an awkward length. Gr. I have a vision - however - of what I want my hair to look like in the end. I'd like my hair to look like Stacy London - seen here
I told you I loved TLC. But she really does have the most beautiful dark hair I've ever seen. This will likely take me a good long while and I probably won't make it - but I'm sure going to try! It's getting there. I'm giving it until the summer. Then we'll see if it's still worth it.


I go into the bathroom to pull my hair back and what do I find? WELL! I find that I have placed one white pearl earring in one ear and one round red earring in the other ear. Yes. I was wearing two different earrings. How in the WORLD did I manage that? I could've sworn on everything good I had put two pearl earrings in my ears that morning. I guess I was in more of a rush than I thought! My sweater was maroon - so perhaps the folks at church thought I was trying to be clever? Like...oh...I guess her sweater is kinda red...and then there's the pearl which matches maybe she's making a statement? Am I THAT style savvy that I can make a mistake like that and have people think it was on purpose? Naw!! They knew I was retarded for sure. What would Stacy and Clinton think of my mis-matched earrings?!? Me Soooooo Smart. Lesson: get up on time for church. Although, I guess it's better than having my skirt tucked in my tights or my fly undone. Yeah - that would've been way worse. Snort..ha.

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Christian Eyring said...

HA HA, right and white, nice choice of colors. ;)