Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I saw dead people....oooooo....

Okay okay, so that's about a cliché a way to start out an "I went and saw the Body Worlds 3 Exhibit yesterday" as you can get. But it's still KIND OF clever right? Oh what's that you say? Over-used? Psh! Whatever. The Six Sense lives on.

You all know what I'm talking about when I say Body World's right? It's like a "human museum" of sorts displaying cadavers in a variety of positions and poses depicting our amazing human bodies, how they function, and what it all means. Brilliant. Amazing. I wish I would've paid extra for the head set. Yeah I really do. The entire time I knew, though I was awed, that I probably didn't appreciate it like a scientist, doctor, or even someone just plain fascinated by the human body in general, might. I've had friends who have gone or are going to medical school, dental school, becoming scientific researchers, that I couldn't help but think of as I observed the incredible abilities of the human heart, the intricate map of the nervous system, or the intimate workings of the ear. I read all the little paragraphs they had by each display and still felt like I wasn't even close to grasping how truly incredible it all was. It made me want to exercise more and eat better. True! And if I were a smoker I would've quit then and there. It was powerful.

Also, I was worried I might be a little freaked out. I have an over-active imagination and one of the things I constantly fear is that something that is apparently dead will suddenly open its eyes or reach out and throttle me! I am an X-Files fan (sans latest movie – disaster) and Scully was always hanging out in the morgue with dead bodies. Oh man. I just KNEW they were going to sit up! Or open their eyes! Or twitch their hand! Shudder. I also watched a lot of ST:TNG (that's Star Trek the Next Generation for you non-"cool" people) and Dr. Crusher was ALSO always around dead bodies in Sickbay and I KNEW one of them would sit up too. In fact! There was one episode where there were about a dozen dead bodies all lying under sheets – and of course she's in there alone being scientifically cool – and she goes to leave and then pauses at the door. Of course we can only see the back of her head. She then slowly turns around and EVERY ONE OF THE SHEET COVERED DEAD BODIES IS SITTING STRAIT UP! I screamed along with her. I was very disturbed.

Anyway – this was nothing like that. Although – I DID stare into the face of the "jumping over the hurtle" cadaver to see if it would suddenly blink. Never did though. At any rate it's an incredible exhibit. I encourage everyone – young and old – English major or Anatomy student – to go check it out. And get the headphones. It costs extra – but I think I would've benefited from it greatly. Or perhaps I should've just found someone who would've been like an English Major in the British Library to be my "information desk" throughout the entire thing. That would've been helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway and am very glad I finally got to go see it before it moves on. Hurry! You only have a couple weeks left! And try not to think of them blinking, moving, or jumping off their little stands to throttle you. Shiver.


heidikins said...

I saw dead people too!


Marisa Jean said...

I saw this Saturday and LOVED it! Seriously. I liked the liver the most. Is that an odd? The embryo's were pretty facinating too.

My sister and bro-in-law actually had a guy pass out on them out of his lack of ability to handle the nastiness of it all.

Mrs. Cheeseball said...

I loved Body Worlds. I was fascinated by it. In some ways, I wish I could have had the ear thingy too, but I was already overloaded with everything. It was a lot to think about and to digest. (Get it--"digest"? Hahah!) I have been telling people how cool it is since I went. Glad you go the chance to go.