Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All my bags are packed... ish

San Francisco emailed me. That's right... the city of San Francicso emailed me. That's what it said in my gmail inbox yesterday "sanfrancicso' like that. It would, naturally, be strung together and not capitalized. I wouldn't expect an email from San Franny to be any other way.

Why did sanfrancisco email me? Oh, they just wanted to update me on the status of my VISA FOR VIETNAM!!! All my materials have arrived and they are accessing my tourist eligibility for Vietnam visitation in... oh... ONE MONTH! I'm sorry I keep yelling at you, but truly, it's hard to contain this exctiment. Just wait until Thursday when we officially enter the month that is listed on my departure date (hint: it's April). There will be much all-caps and much exclamation...ing. My Visa is PROCESSING! I did have concerns - I might mention - that they wouldn't process a Visa for a 'bridge troll?' or maybe... 'gollum?' Because truly Internet and I'm not telling you this for you to say "like... you are so cute I'm sure it's fine" because I PROMISE you.... my Passport picture I sent them (which was a requirement of processing) looks very much like a bridge troll (not so much like those forest trolls you see these days) and the two photos I had taken at Walgreens (note: the day BEFORE a MUCH needed haircut, non-bathed, and hungry (which equals grumpy)) could easily resemble such a loveable character as Gollum. A very angry gollum... vs. the more softly browed Smeagle. Soooo.... I can see their concern. My biggest hope is that if my mythically grotesque pictures make it through Visa-screening, the good checkpoint people in Vietnam will have to make a judgement call when examining my Visa and looking at my face because there's no way it's the same girl. That truly is my heart's greatest desire at this moment... to have my identity questioned in Vietnam. Please bless I don't look like my pictures (shhhh stop those very well-intentioned compliments now... my mom and myself are literally the LEAST photo-genic people alive... so just quiet. We've accepted this ailment and are willing to live with it).

In later news - I moved. Ha. What? Yes... I just dropped that on you rather insensitively. No prep. No asking for 'moving' advice or how to best fit a rather wiley baby cactus into 'something I can move this in without being poked'... Naw. I just went ahead and did it. Packed up my apt and moved on out. Dont' worry, I didn't move far (see: 4 blocks), but it's a more affordable 1 bedroom 1 bathroom still in the beloved downton SLC. Never fear - I have taken 'before' pictures... and when I get home tonight there will be 'after' pictures of said new apt. And then I'll post them for 'you.' Sound good? And don't worry... there are excellent stories, deep thoughts, and explanations that go along with the whole clearly easily made metaphorical action of 'moving.'

Stay tuned...

Visa. Vietnam. sanfrancisco. Gollum! Gollum!


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