Monday, March 8, 2010

Teach me to live

Sometimes I get anxious and ansty and think "If I could just jump a plane to Thailand right NOW!" (except I will in two months! YES!). Do you ever feel that way. Like, it's been the same for too long? This is why Utah is good for me - all this changing weather (please bless Spring change cometh soon...eth. Amen).

No really - I have this little 'change-bug' that flares up after I've been in 'routine' for too long (see: one year). So, I'm feelin the bug and not sure what to change up! I mean, some people change jobs I guess. But finding a new job is a ludicrous idea for me because 1. I love my job 2. I really like my job 3. My job pays for school (mostly) 4. Economy = you're damn lucky to have a job let alone one you LIKE, and because I can't speed up or change up school, it is what it is semester in and semester out so that's a solid 6 semester commitment, and because fundage and lack of vacation time allows for a 'drop and go' weekend getaway to San Francisco (which believe me...), I gotta find ways to change up my environment a little! Shake it up. Move about! Kill the ansty little 'change-bug' swarming around my innards! (innards is a weird word. That's what I think).

So I'm thinking two things, 1. I will move to another apt soon-ish as my contract is up in April and frankly, I'd rather spend money on plane tickets then a two bedroom (all be it cute) apt in which I don't really know how to utilize an extra room (extra closet yes... oh yes yes) and 2. Switch wards from Univeristy Student Ward to YSA (young single adult) Ward. What do you think? My bug of change is urging me to do something new and different - and moving seems like a good switch up. Can I tell you? I kinda move alot - and sometimes its because I 'have to' (roomie move out, roomie is crazy, dream adventure trip to Europe fall through) but mostly I think it's because that's how I LIVE. I need to be changing and focusing on something new all the time. Change equals living. Ruts... they don't become me. I'm not sure how to live consistently - and that's a little scary. How do you live consistently? Do TELL! Teach me to just LIVE!

... ... .... I think it's time to leave the library. Yep.


The Sevy's said...

I think almost everybody gets that little change bug, I do at least. But you can't always change something big. When I get it I start a new exercize routine, take up a new hobby or start a project. It makes life feel a little more exciting and differnt for a while.

Andrea Jolene said...

True comment my friend. I can change up some small things (or many small things) rather than buying this trip to Australia I'm now eyeing unrealistically. Like... learn to make sushi or... start running outside now that it's warmer or... shave my cat.