Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Like, OMG I love him!

So listen, I took this quiz entitled "Who's Your Male Celebrity Soul Mate?" (kinda want to know my female one too!) And because these things are totally legit (wait, what), I decided to let you, Internet, in on who my celebrity soul mate is. (And don't act like you don't indugle in a little ridiculous quiz or two... I'm not above admitting it! Click here... you want to I know it)

Through fingerprint analysis, hair folicule comparison, extensive backgrounds checks, and really, a 15 question quiz asking such deep and thought-provoking questions as, "Beaches or Mountains?" or "Do you want to subscribe to Celebrity People today?"... my celebrity crush IS...... (drum roll)

Gerard Butler.

We both appreciate a good sense of humor, enjoy traveling, live each day to the fullest, and neither of us care to subscribe to Celebrity People.

Eat your heart out. Gerard is my celeb soul-mate. ;) I assume he will be notified upon my completion of this quiz of our deep compatablity; thus our dizzying love affair will begin by spending a day swimming and laying in the sun on the beach (my pick for question #2 - what's your idea of a great first date? I assume it was his choice as well).


Adam and MiKail said...

Mmmm. Such good man candy. He's been in my #1 male celebrity spot for years. I mean, he's ruggedly handsome, very much a man's man, and oh, that Scottish accent!

Craig Barlow B. said...

On your first date with Gerard Butler you could totally hate each other...THEN! you'd find out that you're perfect for each other...all the while learning the differences between men and women. Fun for you, painful to watch.

Gerard and Andrea...the twist? He is a man. She isn't. Imagine the possibilities.

Andrea Jolene said...

I think you're on to something! Something that's never really been done before... ever...