Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vices. These are mine.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile. I first thought of the idea of numbering and displaying all my vices when I started setting the DVR for The Bachelor every Monday at 7:00pm. I don’t think I’m the ‘type of girl’ you’d immediately peg for a Bachelor watcher but listen, I so watched the Bachelor last season AND this season and just reveled in the drama! And boy was it high drama THIS season! Vienna?!?! Snap! I was on team Aly the entire time, but in the end, Vienna did kind of grow on me. I get why Jake liked her (apart from he being sorta dumb and she being sorta dumb and likely, she was the girl he wanted to have sex with the most). She definitely had more personality than most of the girls there – even if it was a rather abrasive (aka bitchy) personality. Meh. He’s dumb. She’s hot. And the world spins madly on.

Meanwhile… back to my post…


I have some. A handful… and I’d like to let you in on the secrets…

1. The Bachelor (and you better believe I’ll be DVR’ing….)

2. The Bachelorette (Aly!! aka - the RIGHT choice)

3. Diet Coke (Mmm… and to think at one time I mocked those who constantly had a large big gulp glued to their face. I prefer the cans or resturaunt DC’s… but I have joined the DC club non-the-less)

4. Shopping. LOVE! Love. LOVE! Clothes. Clothes! Clothes.

5. Robert Pattinson. I KNOW! Now listen… I’m a Cedric Diggory fan (Harry Potter 4 for those of you who live under rocks) and seriously, I’m not a crazy vampire obsessed, sexually oppressed weirdy (nor 13 years old). THIS vice just means I find him attractive in a dirty, British way… that said…

6. I want to see the below. I’m not sure why. Can someone tell me why? Or… more to the point… does someone want to come see it with me? Eh? Friends?

7. Procrastination. I’m not as bad as some – but when it comes to reading for school – oh man – I really put that off until the last minute… almost.

8. America’s Next Top Model – fierce! I love this show. Tyra – she could do with some valium, but I like watching the photo shoots and seeing the pics at the end. Saturday all-day matinees on Oxygen! That's where it's at. 

9. I don’t like scrapbooking, major crafting, and general “relief society” –esque activities. This is a vice comparative to the culture I inherently subscribe to because of my religion. So… some would say that my lack of scrapbooking and crafting gusto is something to be frowned upon.

10. Jon and Kate Plus 8 drama. This has died down a lot recently – but when it was in full swing – you better believe my roomie and I bought every single magazine the delved into “John’s secret dating life” and “Kate’s controlling ways drive away family and friends.” We were sucked in – sucked in real good! Oh, and now that she’s on Dancing with the Stars (which generally I’m not that into... but now could add as a #11) you better believe I’ll probably start tuning in! At least until she’s booted. Crazy bag.

So there you have it. 10 vices isn't too bad, right? Maybe the Robert Pattinson one… but for some reason… he’s sooooo…. SOMETHING! Sexy? Yeah kinda dirty and British and sexy. He’s so, conflicted! And I’m pretty into his weird crazy hair. Am I right? Junior High screaming tweens? Like, OMG, soooo right! (Minus the vampire disaster… hopefully he won’t be type-cast too badly from that saga. I have hope for him... much like unto my having hope for Lindsey Lohan at one point. Man, now there's a let down).


Crazy Walker said...

I'm pretty sure I could call my Diet Coke love an addiction, which could get my recommend swiped. :) If you only have 10 vices, then you're not doing too shabby! (And at least you were honest, and didn't put something like, "I work too hard. I care too much. I give too much of my time serving the homeless. blah blah blah".

Andrea Jolene said...

Ha ha ha! I love when folks say those superior qualities are their 'vices.' Puh-lease. It's just a round about way to display how awesome they really think they are. It's like saying "oh my gosh I'm so fat" so someone will tell you you're not. Being a sassy-pants I've been known to say "yeah you are! What happened chubbs?"

bets said...

so, totally agree on the bachelor vice, the shopping vice, the robert pattinson vice (but only on said vampire movies), the procrastination vice, the top model vice, and the non-scrapbooking vice. i suppose we aren't true mormons. but i do have sort of my own version of it; it just doesn't involve any stickers or cutouts or cutesie-tootsies. um, vienna? such a hoochie mama-did you watch the after show? i thought maybe she'd look better-and i suppose she did look like she'd lost some weight-but what the hair extensions? they looked even worse than on the show. i just can't get over her-ick. and did you see the lingerie on the fantasy suite episode? icky icky white negligee and black panties underneath. sooooo white trash. but i love this post.

Andrea Jolene said...

Vienna is a dirty dirty hooker. Yep. I said it.