Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is in the air. I need a new dress.

Remember when you were a wee girl (unless you were a boy then you won't remember this) and every Easter/Spring you got a bran new springy spring dress for the upcoming season? It was really celebratory of a winter ended and Spring beginning - plus a very good excuse to go shopping for a new dress. And who am I to give up excuses to shop? I ask you! I recall one such dress of yester-year involving large purple and pink flowers, knee length, poofy skirt with poofy sleeves (thank you Anne), and a white lacy bib. Add some lace-rimmed turned down white socks, Mary Janes, and floofed bangs, and I was just as cute as an Easter bunnies tail. My brothers got new Easter (Sunday) garb as well... and I may or may not remember one of those terrible round brimmed 'boy' hats with a ribbon tied around its top and flowing out behind them. I distinctly remember little brother Seth (now 24) looking much like unto a little sissy-sailor one year, complete with afore mentioned hat and blue Easter basket. Poor sap! Pictures will be found... Mwahahahaha!

Well needless to say, whether it be the tradition ingrained in me (and you too, I know it!), or the need to completely rid myself of all things winter, this weekend whilst walking around the Gateway, I felt an over-powering urge to find a new dress for Spring. Naturally, this urge hit me most potently while perusing the beautiful clothing that is Anthropologie. Here's what I found (and subsequently tried on...):

 (naturally not a church number without some sort of cream cardigan covering all that skin. Scandal!) Isn't it beautiful? It was beautiful on. And I didn't want to take it off... ever... until (as happens frequently in Anthro) I saw the price. Gulp. Uh... hmmm... no.

Sassy, no? I questioned it when the sales-lady brought it in because 'it looks like you might like this.' And truth be told, Internet, I loved it. What I didn't love was the $298 price tage. W.T.F? Place on hanger... turn away... (I don't know why I think Anthro will be reasonable in any way... the delusion goes on)

Now this dress is cool. I LOVED it on the hanger because of the trippy geometric layering in the skirt. Subsequently, I LOVED it on. I'm still thinking about this one, as it would take not one but two 'church' modifications (see: something under, something over) which does make me hesitate as I perfer modifications to be one OR the other (or none - which then makes it an auto-buy)... and I struggle with the idea of spending mucho moneys on something that requires such 'restructuring.' However, all that aside, this dress is awesome (but maybe not Springy? Eh?)!

My absolute 100% favorite (see: no church modifications required = auto-buy) and Internet, I would've purchased this dress as my 2010 Spring Dress, except... it didn't fit. Like, at all. And not for reasons you'd think (like, they didn't have my size, etc). No. I got my usual size... then one lower...  and realized that when I couldn't get any lower, the issue wasn't the size, but rather, I was trying to fit a very 'regular' size dress on a 'short' body. Petite. I needed a petite. Alas. Of course I couldn't give up on it - and checked ye old Internet for petite possiblities. And.... internet fail.

No green dress for me. Life isn't fair for the vertically challanged sometimes (though I do take great pleasure in being able to wear 'short' dresses at 'regular' length when all my tallish friends are just screwed (sorry, heidikins))

Thus the search continues. But now I've got that Spring shopping bug, there's no stopping me until I find that perfect Spring dress! It's likely, since my office is after all, LOCATED at the GATEWAY, there will be a lunch Banana Republic run in the very near (see: 30 minutes) future.

Do you buy Spring dresses? Because you should. Guys? How many of you had those sailor hats? Cause I mock you! :)


heidikins said...

Sigh...that green dress is absolutely gorgeous. Swoon!


Marisa Jean said...

Too bad about the green dress, because I love it. I am the same way at this time of the year. I always tell the hubby that I'm not just buying more clothes, I'm buying my easter dress. Unfortunately this year I am too massive to want to even consider looking at myself in normal clothes let alone trying to find something cute and springy to wear.

Best of luck on the quest. Better post the actual find!

Just ME the MOM said...

Hee! All lovely . . .

I bought new spring workout clothes - how about that! ?


Andrea Jolene said...

Spring work out clothes?!??! Now THAT's a GREAT idea!