Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The new living space... a two day blitz!

Well, here it is. The new place.

Yes, it was a rather ‘quick and dirty’ process but hey, when I get an idea in my head, it doesn’t go away until I’ve accomplished it! The idea in my head in this instance was moving. Why move you ask? WELL! I didn’t want to pay for a 2 bedroom by myself and secondly, there comes a time in one’s life when pot smoking terrorist neighbors aren’t even worth the stories anymore. It’s at this point when you realize, it’s time to be your own woman. And my own woman I am!

It’s just me in this one bedroom one bath apartment in the Aves (my SLC living area of choice) and that’s how I’m liking it. Liking it just fine. What’s super fantastic is 1. Top Floor (meaning no more ‘bomp bomp bomp’ Arabian Night dance music vibrating the ceiling at strange hours of the night… and mid-afternoon… and some mornings…) 2. I live in a building chalk full of senior couple missionaries for the LDS Church. Now if that doesn’t give you some level of ease at night, I’m not sure what will. These fantastic little couples are always saying hello, commenting on the weather, and ‘welcoming me to the neighborhood!’ My next door neighbors are two cute little old senior missionary ladies, one of which mentioned quite enthusiastically she had a “grandson in Pharmacy school at the University of Utah dear! Do you go there?” Yes, I do ma'am. And I guarantee you think I’m younger than I am. But hey, Pharmacy school? Can’t be too picky.

Other amenities of this new complex in addition to the plethora of senior missionaries includes a swimming pool, a parking space, and a laundry room that boasts not one but THREE sets of washers and dryers. Can I tell you? I got all of my laundry (and believe me… it was definitely over-due) done in like 3 hours. Cleaned, Dried, put away. That’s the ticket! I’m still close to the Conference Center, the SLC Temple, and all those good downtown things and oh, of course, 1 mile from work. I like to stay within my 5 mile living radius and am accomplishing this very nicely. Sugarhouse seems like too much of a drive these days! This is the kind of downtown habitant I’ve become... I don't 'do' beyond 4th south, 4th West, and the University of Utah. Out of my zone, ya know.

Alright, enough of the antics… let’s have a look shall we? Now the first pictures are from Friday night. That’s right. Me and the now dubbed Queen of Moving and Awesomeness, heidikins, blitzed that business and got EVERYTHING but the furniture moved into my apt by 3:00pm. A feat of incredible proportions to say the least. And let it be noted, if I don’t procure the long hoped for “Jillian Michaels arms” after hauling 5 large boxes stuffed full of books up to the 3rd floor, I give up.

Moving right along...

Here we have the living area... I am standing near the North facing window looking towards the door and kitchen... clearly. And, that longish looking box next to the green wall (my accent color of CHOICE!), just wait and see what wonders that holds! Just wait! (Rug compliments of IKEA)

The Kitchen. This quickly became my favorite area of the apt... it's large... and the granite flooring is awesome. You will notice there's not a dishwasher - but I figure it's just me, right? And again, a fine trade in for pot-smoking terrorists.

My first meal on my first evening in my first 'very own' apt. Natuarlly a Papa Johns delivered thin crust large veggie pizza and Diet Yum. A fantastic inaugural dinner, no?

The Bedroom... sans furniture... like the rest of the apartment on Friday night. The family came up Saturday to haul the 'big stuff...'
The Bathroom. It's connected to the bedroom THUS, all my many guests will have to walk through my room to use the facilities. This, I don't mind. Good motivation to keep the unmentionables hidden away.
And now that you've had the Friday Night tour... I'd like to give you the Saturday night tour. Like I said... 'quick and dirty', that's how I roll.
The Kitchen "after" (oh what's that? Yes, those ARE real fresh flowers on the table. Of course)

Kitchen again. I told you it was my favorite space.

Some entry way Zen. I like people to feel 'at peace' the moment they walk in the door. What better way to do that then with a vintage Japan poster and a book assortment? Nope, can't think of anything better.

The living room. The living room and the bedroom are the most 'not quite done' rooms thus far. Things need to be hung (i.e. TV for one), pillows need to be purchased... that sort of thing. You get the idea though... and should still be ridiculously impressed that it really looked THIS GREAT on the SECOND day.)

Remember that longish box from the 'before' pictures? BEHOLD!!! My most prized possessions! You better believe I built that bookcase! Built it real good! (curtosy of IKEA)

From that North facing window to the door again... yep... good angle

The bedroom. Note the wall decal. Can I tell you how long that took? A very. long. time. That's all you need to know. Naturally, there will be more decor, pillows, options such as that added in the near future (see: Ross, Target, trip this weekend... yep)

Bathroom. Looking a little more spiffy

And finally... the walk in closet. Eat your heart out.

There is however, one very sad mention that must be acknowledged in this whole moving and organizing and growing up process... my new apartment does not allow pets. Yes, it's true. Princess Lila and I have spilt up yet again. We've tried to make it work so many times, but it just seems like we can't get on the same page. I guess it's me, I'm not stable enough for her, ya know? Always moving, always doing this and that, she needs better than that! "It's not you", I tell her, "it's me." Never fear though. My good friend Nicole loves her and wanted to take her. So as of Sunday night, Lila and I have officially spilt up. Sure, we're still good friends and I'll see her now and again. But I think she'll be happier where she's at. In time, she'll see that too.

So there's the new place! Exciting isn't it? I very much enjoy it and am eager to stay put for a little while (for heavens sake!). I'm getting too old to move all the time. There comes a day when you just want a stable place of your own where you can put on your slippers, take your pills, and do a puzzle or watch some MaGyver. Maybe my new senior missioanry neighbors dig Parcheesi. What do you think?!?! Party at my house!


Mike & Emily West said...

I love it! I got a little jealous and nostalgic when you were talking about the close it is to the conference center and temple...I miss that and I it just sounds so lovely!!!! Your flat looks awesome! I am super impressed by the bookcase and I love the green accent wall. It's always so fun to read about your adventures!

Andrea Jolene said...

Em - I love that you called it a flat. YEs that's right! It's a flat! This is my FLAT! :) It makes me happy.

Just a thought... said...

The good thing about living with all of those senior missionaries'll probably have the pool all to yourself!