Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Handful of Happy Notes About Losing a Hour

(continued from yesterday... I was typing this in class and then I think it started to look a little suspicious... so I stopped. Thus, all the below relates to yesterday... turn your brains back)

First, I woke up hearing the sounds of chirping birdies outside my window. Chirp! Chirp! Chirpy little spring birdies. I found it very Disney-like and expected little mice to scurry into my room to prepare my spounge bath and shine my work shoes.
Alas... only birdies, but I liked the birdies.

Second, I wished I wouldn't have worn my black long car coat as I walked to Jason's Deli for lunch. Yep, rather than grasping around me and buttoning up to my chin - I wished I wouldn't have brought it because I was a little... (ready for this?) WARM! Mmmm... waaaaaaaarm

Third, I ate at Jason's Deli. Num.

Fourth, after learning from my lunch-coat mistake, I changed into a light hoodie for class. I hesitated about this decision - gauging how lucky I could possibly be to only require a light hoodie for my evening class (always freezing...), but uh... feeling pretty good about it! Feeling pretty dang good!Feeling down right comfortable!

Fifth - drove in the bright sunshine to my 6:00 class. Bright. As if it were 5:00 in the afternoon! Oh... I guess 3 days ago it would've been 5:00 in the afternoon. Te he ha. I enjoyed the brightness.

Sixth - Witnessing a man-group hone their man-frisbee skills on a man-field (man-field?) at the U. How is this a bad view? The frisbee I mean... I'm excited for frisbee weather. Ahem.

(continued from the day before yesterday... suddenly I have legit stuff to do... what?)

Seventh - I witnessed a girl eating an refreshing ice cream. Yep. Something you don't usually see when it's freezing outside because it's FREEZING OUTSIDE! Why would you want to be freezing 'inside' as well. I assume because of the warmish sunniness this girl thought "Dammit! I'm getting an ice cream!" Strong work my friend. Strong work.

So take note - those are seven excellent things I noticed were directly related to losing an hour last weekend... well... perhaps at least correlated with losing an hour last weekend. Essentially - it has given me hope. A hope I dared not have after such bleak, cold, miserable weather. But now... now I shall hope! A hope for Spring! Sigh.....

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Marisa Jean said...

Way too be optimistic. I nearly had to tape my eyes open at work because my boy doesn't adjust so good--but on the flip side, when I got out of dance at 7:00 I was able to still see the mountains across the valley because there was still light. This made me happy. I still hate the time change though.